Tween / Teen Program (12-18 yrs)

The SMC Tween/Teen Parenting Seminar, SMC Tween/Teen Youth Workshops, and One-on-One Coaching focus on bringing our emerging young adults through the challenges of academic, peer, and personal whirlwinds. The SMC Tween/Teen Seminar empowers parents and their tween/teens to their greatest, clearest leadership during the often-dreaded teenage years.  This is accomplished with laser-clear understanding and implementation of the 7 Habits of a Successful Modern Child. This SMC Tween/Teen Seminar and SMC Tween/Teen Youth Workshops are cornerstone in teaching parents and tween/teens step-by-step what must be done to retain healthy routines at home, and lead our young teens into independence and responsibility for lifelong success.

The SMC Tween/Teen Parenting Seminar and One-on-One Coaching teaches parents how to be wise and efficient parenting leaders through the incorporation of the 7 Habits of a Successful Modern Child. The SMC Tween/Teen Youth Workshops teach tweens/teens directly how to develop these seven critical habits for themselves The two pivotal principles guiding the Tween/Teen Parenting Seminars and Tween/Teen Youth Workshops are:

1- So Many Surprises In One Little Package

The Tween/Teen years are filled with curiosity, exploration, and quickly developing physical and emotional changes. Our Tween/Teens must digest conflicting peer and home messages, hormonal growth spurts, and growing academic and peer pressures. It is during these years that they must form a healthy, distinctive definition of self. For this definition to lead to personal success, it must be one of self-motivation, independence, healthy character, and self-esteem. It is no simple task for our children to succeed in all of the changes, expectations, and pressures power-housed into their Tween/Teen years.

2- Our Tween/Teens Require Strong Parenting Leadership

These years can be a great emergence of growth, learning, and maturity, and/or a roller-coaster of drama, conflict, attitude, and frustration. It is precisely here, as our growing children struggle to understand themselves and their world, that our children need a strong adult leader to keep them safe. It is also here that we must help our children become responsible, self-confident young adults. Household conflicts, power-struggles, and escalated mood swings can be easily replaced with constructive communication, clear boundaries and earned freedom, and the true joy of witnessing our child's rapid growth spurts towards success.

The SMC Tween/Teen Parenting Seminar and One-on-One Coaching clarify, in detail, a parent's steps towards becoming an efficient, wise, and loving parenting leader. The SMC Tween/Teen Youth Workshops teach tween/teens first-hand how to reach their full potential. Mastering the 7 Habits of a Successful Modern Child can ultimately pave the road for our tween/teen's success. As a bonus, the SMC Tween/Teen Seminar and the SMC Tween/Teen Child Workshops teach both parents and tween/teens exactly WHAT TO DO to successfully overcome in the seven most common challenges for the tween/teen age-group.

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