SMC Program Research and Seminars are conducted throughout the world by Gabi personally, in-house or via teleconference. SMC coaching is conducted one-on-one with parents, teens, and educational staff members via Skype. Gabi takes a limited number of new clients and countries each year.

To schedule live group or teleconference seminars and coaching sessions with Gabi, kindly contact her directly at, subject line: SMC Inquiry.

International Calendar

  • February- Israel
  • April- USA
  • June- Costa Rica
  • September- Panama
  • November- Colombia
  • January- Ecuador
  • April- Peru
  • May- USA
  • June- Thailand
  • September- Cambodia
  • January- Cambodia
  • April- Malaysia
  • June- Philippines
  • October- Nepal 
  • December- India
 2014 (tentative)
  • February- Singapore