About Gabi

Created by MA in Psychology, International Parenting Expert, Certified Family Life Coach, and Trauma Therapist Gabi Klaf, SMC represents the comprehensive synopsis of years of psychological research and global case studies. Gabi's on-going anthropological research into raising successful modern children has taken her around the globe. She has volunteered, researched, lectured, taught and inspired individuals and groups in Israel, USA, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Gabi's twenty year career in academia reflects the comprehensive, holistic, and inspirational way she teaches. She began with a Bachelor degree focusing on behavior change health programs (the body), a Masters focusing on behavior modification and long-term behavior change models (the mind), and advanced to Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, and Trauma Cleaning (the soul).

Gabi presents a cross-sectional, universal approach to achieving with our children and teens what previously was unimaginable. Her work has been called, "amazing, transformational, inspirational, life-changing, unexpected, and deeply successful," which says a great deal. Today, she continues to conduct workshops around the world, writes inspirational books, and works one-on-one with global clients via Skype.