Elementary Parenting Program (6-12 yrs)

The SMC Elementary Parenting Seminar, SMC Elementary Youth Workshop, and One-on-One Coaching focus on bringing our young school-aged children through academic and relationship success while enhancing their self-discipline, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence. By weaving the 7 Habits of A Successful Modern Child into the household routine, parents and children will know exactly HOW to help children ages 6-12 form healthy habits, gain self-confidence, and succeed in school and life.

The Elementary Parenting Seminar,  SMC Elementary Youth Workshop, and One-on-One Coaching teach how to communicate lovingly, effectively, and clearly with remarkable results. The 7 Habits of A Successful Modern Child, with practice, become second-nature. The two beliefs behind the SMC Elementary Parenting Seminars and SMC Elementary Youth Workshop are:

1-I Am A Lion, Hear Me Roar

A child needs self-confidence to succeed in life. It is precisely at this critical stage from child to early adolescent that our child needs a solid foundation of knowing his own abilities. By instilling in our children the 7 Habits of a Successful Modern Child, we give them self-discipline, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence, equipping them for success. As our children face school and peer pressures, they will know exactly who they are and how they can succeed. 

2-I Am A Parent, Follow Me

As the world becomes more complicated, the development of self expands, and the pressures to perform escalate, our children need to know that we are there. Learn clear-cut core principals and tools to create the positive parent-child relationship necessary to guide a child through the teenage years and beyond. With clear discipline and healthy family communication,  we can empower our children to face the world without the inferiority complexes common to this developmental stage. [Erikson]

The Elementary Parenting Seminar, SMC Elementary Youth Workshop,  and One-on-One Coaching create clear parent-child role definitions and a healthy communication structure necessary for any child's success. The SMC Elementary Seminar and  SMC Elementary Youth Workshop teaches parents and children exactly HOW to successfully overcome the ten most critical developmental issues for children ages 6- 12.

Our testimonial videos relay in great detail the experiences of parents and course graduates around the world. For more information regarding one-on-one coaching or to schedule adult or youth courses for your community, you may contact Gabi at info@successfulmodernchild.com.


Unknown said...

Theme of this parent workshops is really a need for parents who cares their children a lot.

jhon said...

“Don’t ignore your child’s weakness, but manage them so they don’t become roadblocks,” and, “Carve out time to listen, watch and appreciate each of your kids in some way every day … it makes a world of difference.” read more