Across The Board (mixed ages)

The SMC Across The Board Parenting Seminar and One-on-One Coaching focus on bringing parents the tools required to help their children succeed. The Across The Board Seminars are designed to meet the sometimes conflicting needs of parents with children of different ages. Through the careful incorporation of the 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Child, parents will learn clear communication, family problem-solving skills, and the tools necessary to create a harmonious family life. By utilizing the 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Child in an across-the-board wider angle, parents will learn how universal and powerful these seven skills are to raising the successful modern child.

The Across The Board Parenting Seminar and One-on-One Coaching teach parents how to communicate lovingly, effectively, and clearly with remarkable, immediate results. The two foundational principles behind our Across The Board Seminars are:

1-Every Color Has It's Place on The Palette 

Raising multiple children of different ages can be challenging. Parents may, for example, protect "my baby" and expect "my older one" to be more responsible, do more,  and not to fight back. These natural pulls to favoritism and labels can lead to random discipline and heightened family strife. By understanding the unique beauty and value that each child contributes to the family rainbow, parents can severely reduce family conflict and sibling rivalry. Through direct incorporation of the 7 Habits of a Successful Modern Child to all children across the board, success is inevitable.

2-A Tribe Needs A Trained Chief (or Two)

As our family evolves, every member and the family as a unit will experience the natural pimples and stretch marks of healthy growth and development. In facing those daily conflicts, challenges, and stressors, children need strong parental leaders who are clear, efficient, and loving in leading the tribe to it's greatest success. This leadership, we are not born with. It must be learned, practiced and maintained through the automated incorporation of the 7 Habits of a Successful Modern Child.

The Across The Board Parenting Seminars and One-on-One Coaching teaches parents what they must know to become parenting leaders. This leadership reduces family conflict, increases family joy, and ensures the success of our modern children. The SMC Across The Board Seminar teaches parents exactly HOW to successfully guide through the six most common parental challenges in multiple-child households.

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