About Seminars & Workshops

All SMC Programs are based on these Five Family Dynamics Parameters

  1. Our families are the most painful, challenging, and rewarding springboards for growth. 
  2. Through the family, we can instill in our children all they will need to succeed in life
  3.  Discord, unresolved issues, overwhelm, lack of clarity & fear retard our ability to parent.
  4. As parents, it is our duty to use all available resources to raise successful children.
  5. Through education, implementation, and maintenance parents will become parenting leaders who guide their children to greatness.  
SMC Parent & Educator Programs are facilitated by Gabi herself, in-house or via teleconferencing.
SMC Children Programs are facilitated by Gabi herself, in live meetings when she tours. 
All SMC Individual Coaching is conducted via phone or Skype coaching.