7 Critical Habits

The Successful Modern Child Program (SMC) identifies the Seven Critical Habits for the Successful Modern Child. SMC teaches, step by step, how parents and educators, and children, can master these habits, and thus thrive in our modern world.  Followers of the SMC Model are conscientious parents, dedicated educators, and curious children ready to become successful leaders in tomorrow's competitive world. SMC Parents and Educators passionately believe that their role is to guide our children to greatness by instilling upon our children these seven interlocking attributes. SMC Children are ready to learn and do what they can to reach their fullest potential. 

The Seven Critical Habits of A Successful Modern Child

  1. Excel In School & Goal-Setting- Tools for students' academic and lifelong achievement
  2. Overcome Obstacles and Stress- Critical skills for children to thrive in today's world
  3. Master Self-Discipline and Problem-Solving- Secrets to raising responsible, independent adults
  4. Communicate Effectively and Clearly- Tips for the critical connection with the world
  5. Maximize Health & Character Development- Fundamental attributes for tomorrow's leaders
  6. Develop Positive Relationships- Mandatory assets for success in life
  7. Nurture Self-Esteem & Positive Emotional Resiliency- Crucial psychological foundations for enduring success
The Seven Habits of a Successful Modern Child are taught to all parents, educators, and children in all of SMC courses. The Seven Habits of a Successful Modern Child are also instilled through the one-on-one coaching work with Gabi.