Top Ten Critical Stress Relievers For Children

As grownups, we may assume that a child running around looking happy is stress-free. Most likely, even our seemingly carefree child,  experiences stress, very much like an adult. Some studies reveal that over fifty percent of 7-9 year old face a significant amount of stress in their daily life. Some of the more common stress inducers for children today include school, parent expectations, after-school activities, sibling or peer relationships, and homework. Stressed-out children may exhibit their tension in obvious, dramatic ways including acting out, violence or self-destructive behaviors, while others may show more subtle indications of stress including nervous habits like nail biting, sudden bed-wetting, facial twitches, or changes in sleep or appetite patterns.

Unresolved and continued stress will inevitably lead to stress-related childhood and adult sicknesses and mental imbalances. Therefore, to serve our role as parenting leaders best, our role is first and foremost, attempt to remove or reduce the stressful stimuli from their core, and when unable, to at least create effective stress relievers for our children.

Following are The Top Ten Critical Stress Relievers For Children

1-Breathing exercises

Taking deep breaths is a powerful stress reliever. Blowing bubbles is a great way to introduce this to young children. As the air slowly enters and exits the body, this calming exercise enables children (and adults) to handle everything from uncomfortable feelings to severe tantrums. Breathing exercises help them stop, relax and regain our focus by reversing the stress response. Breathing can convert the overpowering despair of stress  into a constructive space to tackle problems with a clear head. The exercise enables children to feel less stressed and avoid handling problems in ways that would only magnify the stress.

2- Exercise

Physical activities like stretches and other, both vigorous and soft exercises, are fundamental in enabling your child to cope with stress. According to research, stress stimulates the nervous system to release throughout the body stress-related hormones directly into the bloodstream. Exercise will enable your child's body to utilize and lower the effect of this unhealthy stress response, a very effective way of coping with stress.

3-Healthy eating

Research shows that a healthy body copes much better with stress. A glass of water after every two hours at an early age is encouraged. Sugary drinks and foods result in over-stimulation and exasperate stress. It is advisable to stock healthy foods like fruits, veggies like carrot sticks and celery, whole grain cereals, peanut butter and whole bread, and to avoid stocking carbohydrate junk foods.

4- Sleep

Enough and sound sleep is the best stress reliever known. The general medical recommendation for a child is a minimum of nine to ten hours of sleep. Lack of sleep in a child may lead to ill effects ranging from more serious physical and psychological ailments to minor disturbances in mood and increased irritability.

5- Walk around breaks

In addition to exercises, you can take out your children to enjoy the scenery. This is good because it enables you to enjoy nature and get you away from frustrations and responsibilities. Even a ten minute bike ride, a brisk walk, or a brief meandering around the block will freshen up your kids and get their mind off of the more disturbing issues that are stressing them out. Likewise, a refreshing walk can allow children (and adults) to take a slight zoom out of their issues and gain a broader perspective, which promoted creative problem solving.

6- Enjoy music

Music possesses useful stress-relieving properties. In addition, it offers you an opportunity to have parent-child bonding time. You may choose to dance or sing together to help you get rid of the stress, or you can chose to relax to the beat of something cool and mellow. By keeping the music on but in the background, you can create for your children a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

7- Yoga

This improves health, increases flexibility and reduces stress to your children. Incorporating mantras into yoga programs for you and the kids will help achieve a good meditative state enabling you relieve your stress. In addition to agility and body tone, yoga boosts your mental health and creates a marvelous platform to bond with your child.

8- Humor

Medical practitioners have proven that laughter is the best medicine. It reduces blood pressure and lowers heart rate, enables better digestion and breathing, and releases of brain endorphin. Incorporate humor into your life, as an adult, and share that light-filled energy with your child.  Find out what makes your kids happy and offer them plenty of opportunities to laugh.

1. Physical activity is one of the best stress relievers. Look at the amount of physical activity your child has daily. If he does not get at least 20-30 minutes of motion a day, create that into your routine now.
2. Chose one stress reliever from the list that you can do today for 10 minutes with your child.  

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