Six Fundamental Ways To Help Children Manage Stress

Children are often seen as immune to the pressures of daily life. However, nothing could be further from the truth. They too experience strain due to the many tasks that waylay them on their path to adulthood: be it too much homework, demands to get better grades from parents, or being bullied at school. The ability to manage stress is a sure-fire sign of a successful person. As life will bring an endless stream of stresses, instilling this one attribute in your child is critical for her success.

Here are some practical and fundamental ways that you can employ to help your child manage stress:

Communication is vital as far as stress management is concerned. You should encourage your child to speak out his or her mind. If it is fear of monsters under the bed, address it by reading pleasant bedtime stories. These will put their minds at ease, consequently relieving them of undue stress. Communication means that you care; it makes the children feel protected. Soft music before bedtime is also good in alleviating stress in children.

Keep a keen eye for habits that are construed to be stress related. For instance, incessant nail biting, thoughtless twirling of hair or constant fidgeting should be easy pointers of stress in a child. By taking inventory of such tell tale signs, you can save your child from the harmful manacles of stress. Lack of interest in play time is also a sign that all is not well with your child.

Teach your child to speak positively over the issues that come his or her way. For instance, if your child cries because Algebra is hard to understand, it is wise to employ the mantra, "Algebra is challenging to me right now, but I believe in myself. I can overcome this. I am smart. I am able. I can overcome this." By keeping pessimism at bay, a healthy environment for overcoming obstacles is created. Negative thinking feeds stress; positive talk results in positive thinking.

Undeniably, children love having fun; stress denies children this. Therefore, spending substantial play time with your child can be a huge boost for you in your fight against childhood stress. Laughter is indeed the best medicine as the old adage goes. Tell funny stories to your child. This will help them keep a light mood. When your child plays with you, it is a reassuring moment for him or her of your loving presence.

Tell your child that you care for him or her; do not leave him or her guessing on this one. If you notice something is amiss please speak out. For example, if your child comes home from school all irritable, take your time and talk to him or her. Do not let that moment pass in silence; being quiet will not resolve any disturbing issue your child may be facing.

Help your child bring out the pressure inside him or her by channeling his or her energy on creative things like drawing or painting. A good mountain hiking trip, walk, or quick visit to the park can rejuvenate a child's energy and relieve stress. This is because they easily vent out bottled up emotions without hurting themselves in the process. Joining non-competitive sports like martial arts or dance is another way to relieve stress and encourage creative outlets of energy. 

Troubled, stressful childhood is a recipe for a dysfunctional adulthood. Helping your child manage stress using all or some of the above fundamental ways is your priceless gift to him or her, and her ongoing success in life.

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