Eight Secrets to Teaching Your Child to Overcome Obstacles

Parents and other concerned adults can play a big role in the well-being and development of a child. Because life is so full of challenges, one of the best gifts you can give your child is teaching him/her to overcome obstacles. This one trait alone will mold a child who will surely succeed in life.

The following are eight secrets will teach a child the critical habit of overcoming obstacles:

1. Be a good role model: 

Children learn best through actions than through words alone. The way you overcome difficulties, and the way you react to challenges sends a message to your child. If you are going to teach your child how to overcome obstacles, you must first be the best at overcoming them yourself.

2. Have open communication: 

Establishing an open communication channel in the family is an essential means of creating an environment where problems will be discussed. Essentially, you should encourage the child to speak up, and not be shy about talking over issues which bother him.

3. Play with the child: 

Playing games such as puzzles, board games, scavenger hunts, and word games is the best way of enhancing the creativity of the child. That way, he/she will develop problem solving skills which are essential in overcoming problems and succeeding in life.

 4. Do not punish mistakes: 

Most parents do harm to the future of their kids when they punish mistakes and make their children believe that mistakes are not allowed. If your child grows up believing that mistakes are not allowed, then he/she will grow in fear, and that means that she/he might not be able to overcome obstacles.

5. Allow children to sort out their differences and solve problems on their own: 

It is not a wise thing to always intervene when children have their differences, for example when playing with other friends. It is good to allow the kids to tie their own shoe laces, repair their toys, and solve their own differences without interfering. Alternatively, you can suggest solutions, but avoid doing everything for them.

6. Prepare their character: 

Traits such as humility, patience, determination, hard work, and courage are indispensable when it comes to preparing your child to face the future and the world with all its disappointments and uncertainties. There are many ways in which you can nurture such habits, for instance through instructions, advise, and living as an example.

7. Show love: 

As a parent, you need to show your child unconditional love so that they feel appreciated and loved. That way, they will face life with courage and hope. Studies show that a hopeless person doesn't have the motivation to solve and overcome challenges.

8. Teach the child critical social skills: 

Many problems in life are overcome by cooperating with others. Social skills like communication, kindness, negotiation, consultation, compassion, and establishing connections, among others are critical. It is also important that your child should be taught on how to view things in an open way and look at them in through a zoom out, or the big picture. One way of doing this is showing them how to solve homework problems in variety of ways.

There are endless creative and wise approaches to teach child to overcome obstacles. These secrets to success can be incorporated easily into every day life. Get to know the unique needs of your child and the unique ways you can relate, influence, and inspire your child to overcome obstacles, big and small in his life.

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