Children Overcomig Obstacles and Stress Is First Modelled By The Parents- Bring Humor Into The Home

We spend a great time of time worrying over our children, their successes, and how they are standing up to the competition. Will they succeed in this high-pressure society? Will they reach greatness?

A person who breaks under stress, ultimately, will not succeed. A person who knows how to relieve stress and how to find lightness and light-heartedness in difficult situations will always do better than one who is drowned in seriousness and stress.

For just a moment, I invite you to stop worrying. Just for a moment, I invite you to laugh. Allowing yourself to laugh at the sometimes impossibly stuckness of life, will allow you to carry that light-heartedness to your children. You engaging in active, joyful laughter is the perfect role modelling for your child and a wonderful energy to bring into your home.

  1. What one new way can you bring humor into your home today?
  2. Share with your child a stressful personal story and, with your child, laugh at what happened. 

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