Nine Reasons Why Good Communication Skills Are Critical For A Child's Success In Life

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life. A huge determining factor in one's level of competency and success in life is communication. Communication impacts our success in every arena of life including academic, spiritual, social, and relationship success. As a parent, one of the  most valued gifts we can bequeath to our youth is good communication. Following are nine reasons  why good communication skills are critical for a child's success in life.

1. Good communicators learn how to cooperate and work in groups:

Children with good communication skills are best at forming groups and cooperating with others. The ability to work as a team and coordinate with others is clearly a cornerstone of success, as well as a fundamental marking for any leader. Children with good communication skills are able to make friends easily.

2. Good communicators are inquisitive:

One clear benefit of nurturing good communication skills in your child is that she grows to be inquisitive. An inquisitive child is able to ask questions unlike timid children who are afraid to open their mouths to speak. The ability to have the confidence to ask, verify, and clarify are prerequisites to a child's success.

3. Good communicators excel in healthy competition:

 There are many competitions that take place in schools apart from the normal paper and pencil examinations. These include speaking competition, drama, sports, presentations, and many more. If your child is a good communicator, she will definitely excel in such events with confidence.

4. Good communicators learn how to resolve conflicts:

Some parents assume that their young child is too immature to resolve conflicts. If you carefully observe children, you will witness very young toddlers excelling at conflict resolution. Conflict resolution is one of the most basic fruits of developed communication skills. Children from preschool to young adult, if practiced in good communication are marvelously equipped with insights and tactful skill in the conflict resolution department.

5. Good communicators can express themselves better:

The ability to express yourself can be considered one of the defining aspects between the successful and non-successful. If our children do not have good communication skills, they will not be able to adequately express themselves. This means, in turn, that they will have a compromised ability in negotiating successfully in all arenas. Children who are good communicators can express themselves better, get what they want, and more apt to excel in life.

6. Good communicators are more productive:

Good communication enhances better relationships with people and increases productivity. Because one can communicate well with people, he gains respect and all the support he needs. This, in turn, will empower our children to successfully delegate, outsource, and coordinate team efforts. Clearly, a cornerstone for success in working with others.

7. Good communicators can better express their emotions:

As a parent, you can train your child to better express himself. It is very healthy for your child to know how to express his emotions so that nothing is left piling within, which lead to stress-related diseases and other emotional complications. When children learn at a young age how to express their emotions, they are given the gift of emotional success. This enhances well-being for life, hence, directly improving performance and success in life.

8. Good communicators can speak, write and read better:

Speaking, writing, and reading are the primary ingredients of success in any field in life. If you want your child to become a better leader and a success in life, invest your time in teaching him the basic communication skills that will naturally enhance this literacy.

9. Good communicators are better listeners:

Your child will become a better listener if he is trained to become a good communicator. The Zen says we are born with two ears and one mouth so that we will listen the more, and speak the less. Notice that all those who are most successful in any field in life are those who listen more and speak less. This is a wise man's way to good communication, and success.

Children require good communications skills in order to succeed in life. Good communication encompasses, learning that which will make our children speakers, writers, listeners and readers. This encourages learning and enhancing better relationships between themselves and the people they interact with, and is in direct correlation to their lifelong success.

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