Top Ten Reasons Why Water Should Be Your Child's Drink Of Choice

Children need water, water, water, and more water. Parents constantly explain to me that they give their child juice, coke, tea, kid's coffee, and the ever-famous milk instead of water. The best reply I have comes from Jacklyn, a British mother who leaned over to tell the Israeli one to her left, "Do you water your plants with coffee?" Our children need water, a tons of it to reach their optimal mental and physical capacities.

Top ten reasons water should be your child's drink of choice. Enjoy!
1.Water helps in supporting digestion -

The mixing of water with food within the intestines and stomach makes the reaction of enzymes upon the food stuff more effective. We want our children to have proper, healthy digestive functioning.

2. Proper blood circulation -

The highest composition percentage in the human blood is of water. About 75% being used, recycled, and lubricating all of our systems. We need to replenish that supply constantly.

3. Water prevents constipation -

A child who takes in enough water, reduces the chances of experiencing constipation. Since their digestive waste will be more moist, you'll less likely face a child who prefers to 'hold it in' than 'let it out' due to discomfort.

4. Water helps in regulating body temperature -

Whenever your child engages in extraneous activity or is in a warm environment, water helps reduce his or her body temperature to normal level. This occurs through sweating, which is more effective when the body is well hydrated.

5. Water has been linked to improved academic performance -

Concentrating in class and performing at optimal intelligent mental functioning is highly compromised if the child's body is dehydrated.

6. It improves the child activeness in sports -

When the child's body is dehydrated, he will be more declined against engaging in sports or performing to his level best. A well-hydrated child, will be less inclined to injury, more attentive, less inclined to headaches, and will most likely be able to perform in in strenuous activity for longer periods of time than a dehydrated child.

7. Water encourages optimal body growth - 

A child's body grows at a much faster rate than that of an adult, which translates into their bodies undergoing growth, repair, and metabolic functioning at much faster rates than an adult. To do all of this optimally, they need a well hydrated body. A child body's, properly hydrated because of adequate water intake, will lead to optimal body growth.

8. Water intake supplies Fluoride to the body - 

Many municipalities worldwide supply water to their residents with fluoride added to the water. When children drink this tap water, they get a supply of fluoride. Claimed to be beneficial for their teeth development and for making their teeth more resistant to decay caused by sweet foods, water, with or without fluoride, further water food stuck between teeth and keeps the mouth cleaner. 

9- Water consumption reduces intake of sugary beverages - 

Studies show that most obese children take in more of soda and sugary drinks and less water. This just adds to the level of calories in their bodies.  Hence by encouraging your child drink more water, they will quench their normal thirst with water and thus reduce the unnecessary addition of empty calories to their diet.

10. Water flushes toxins out of the body - 

A steady supply of water to your child's body will help in flushing the body of toxins that results from digestive and metabolic reactions in the body. This will reduce the likelihood of contracting diseases and poor health conditions that result from buildup of toxins.

  1. Give your child water and just water at least three times a day. 
  2. Have your child watch you drink water. You can sit and drink it together. 
  3. Discuss the health benefits of water with your child and how you will both be working on the practice of drinking more water.
  4. If your child has been trained to drink other drinks, including milk, begin replacing that with water. 
  5. For children on milk, you slowly and very gradually start to dilute the milk in a way that your child won't even notice it. Eventually, you can convert to just water.  
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