The Single Most Powerful Parenting Video Clip Ever

Does your child shovel huge heaping spoonfuls of food down their throats in starving-animal-like fervor. Does that make you wince? Do you listen to your children fighting, how they berate each other with too-sharp tongues, or watch them loose their temper in too-familiar ways? Does that make you wince? We all know where they learned that from, and the mirror's blare is blinding.

Do you see your kids cuddling, petting each others' hair, writing love letters to each other? Does that make you smile? Do you witness your children standing up for each other, helping dry a wet kitten, or joining forces to wage a philosophical war petitioning bed time? Does that make you smile? We all know whre they learned that from, and the mirror's magical glow is blinding.

 Children see. Children do. I get goosebumps every single time I watch this video. In my humble opinion, this is THE MOST POWERFUL PARENTING VIDEO CLIP ON THE PLANET!

Have you seen other inspirational parenting videos? Please post their link here. I would love to be inspired, again and again, and constantly be reminded of the most precious, hair-pulling, nerve-pushing, light-filled, sensational job I hold on this Earth. Share with me your favorites, and do tell me if you got goosebumps too. It is phenomenal.

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