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Habit 1: Excel In School and Goal-Setting

Tools for students' academic and lifelong achievement

Habit 2: Overcome Obstacles and Stress

Critical skills for children to thrive in today's world

Habit 3: Master Self-Discipline and Problem-Solving

Secrets to raising responsible, independent adults

Habit 4: Communicate Effectively and Clearly

Tips for the critical connection with the world

Habit 5: Maximize Health and Character Development-

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Habit 6: Develop Positive Relationships

Mandatory assets for success in life

Habit 7: Nurture Self-Esteem and Positive Emotional Resiliency

Crucial psychological foundations for enduring success


Is Singapore Ready for New Outlooks on Raising Successful Children?

On Monday, April 29, 2013 Singapore's TODAY published a controversial article reflecting 'lowing the standards' and allowing kids 'to learn through play,' a challenging concept for the high-pressure society of modern Singapore. What do you think, should children learn through play? Will lessening the competitive edge on our children make them less able to succeed in the competition?

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SMC was created by Gabi Klaf, MA in Psychology, International Parenting Expert and Family Therapist. Gabi's research into raising successful modern children has taken her around the world. She has taught and inspired groups in Israel, USA, Panama, Peru, and Cambodia. Gabi guides parents to their fullest light around the globe in group teleconference and live workshops. Gabi also takes a very limited number of one-on-one clients for transformational parenting, family, life, and trauma therapy. You may reach Gabi directly at

Six Steps to Teaching Children Effective Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a skill that we use everyday, consciously or subconsciously. It is not a skill that is built into our DNAs - it is something that we learn because we have come to realize that we live in a planet with limited resources. We share resources through a series of give-and-take. There are formal structures of negotiation that we use to establish boundaries, jurisdiction or resource allocation. As parents, we recognize the value of teaching our children effective negotiation skills so that they can have access to the resources that they need to succeed in life. As their first teachers, there are six important steps to pass on this important skills to your little ones.


Seven Steps To Teaching A Child Critical Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are the fundamental basis of all relationships. Teaching a child critical communication skills will not only assist help her to form helpful social bonds, it will also be one of her greatest success tool when she grows up. Because the world is becoming increasingly  interconnected, those who hope to succeed and thrive must know how to intermingle effectively with others. As a matter of fact, there is hardly a place or situation where communication is not needed; whether in school, work place, or any social gathering.

The following are critical seven steps to teaching a child critical communication skill will ensure relationship successful for any budding modern child.

Eight Secrets to Teaching Your Child to Overcome Obstacles

Parents and other concerned adults can play a big role in the well-being and development of a child. Because life is so full of challenges, one of the best gifts you can give your child is teaching him/her to overcome obstacles. This one trait alone will mold a child who will surely succeed in life.

The following are eight secrets will teach a child the critical habit of overcoming obstacles: